Everybody Go!

2015-05-11 21.06.12Continuing on the posts about my recent adventure to the land of olives, pasta and prosciutto I think it’s time I introduce everyone to Nennella’s. Although it was one of the first places I went, I originally wanted to save writing about this one for last – save the best for last right?  I remember starting to write about a few other topics, but somehow ended up with a lot about Nennella’s and not a lot of anything else.  I’ll consider it an early Christmas present for the readers.

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Welcome to Mikeular Gastronomy! I’ve got no idea how you made it here, but thanks for joining! I’m hoping the name gives you some idea of what you’ll find here, but, if not, I’m Mike and this is the place where I’ll be writing about some my adventures in the world of food (and drink). If you’re like me, at this point you’re wondering why I decided to start writing.  Well, one day I woke up to an epiphany and said to myself, I know what the world needs… another blog!

Apart from doing my civic duty, I wanted to share my passion for the world of food; I’ve had a few too many conversations that ended with “you should open a restaurant” or “you need to start a blog about this” to keep putting this off (this blog won out to a restaurant by a coin toss if you’re curious). To be fair, I don’t have any formal training or “industry experience”, but this is the internet and everyone gets to be an expert :). I’m not a complete novice though, I’ve lost count of the hundreds of different restaurants and cities that I’ve been able to sample. I’ll talk about some of those as this goes along, but for now you’ll just have to take my word!

Anyway, let’s get into what I’ll actually be posting here. I’ve got a few different features in mind. Most posts will likely revolve around the different restaurants and dishes I’ve tried (some will be new and some will be old favorites of mine). I also like the idea of learning about the history of things – food and its preparation being no exception. As I come along topics that interest (or bug) me, I’ll do some research into the finer points and share them here (such as what Molecular Gastronomy really is, since I’m not quite sure). And just for good measure, I’ll throw in a personally tested recipe every now and then. I’m always open to suggestions and I’m sure things will evolve as I get going.

Let’s get cooking! (sorry, I had to)