This Week’s Specials

2015-05-10 16.14.43I’m sure everyone has just been on the edges of their seats since my last post waiting for the next one :). It’s been a little longer than usual, but I think I have a pretty good excuse if you’ll just hear me out. The past week or so I have been carrying out some in depth research (read: eating) in order to share the experiences here (I swear that’s the real reason :)). In the past I’ve generally tried for a single post per week, but the next week or two I have so many things on my mind I’m going to try to post a bit more frequently. Here’s a taste of what’s on the menu for the next few weeks:

As an appetizer, we’ll start out with Madison Square Eats. Think a smaller(boo) Smorgasburg, but in Manhattan(yay!). Food carts, drink carts, sunshine – as far as I’m concerned that may be the best recipe there ever was or will be. The only bad news is that it just runs from May 1st to 28th (until the September edition starts back up 9/4).

The primi piatti will be about my recent trip to Italy (I may have mentioned I had a good reason for not posting in a little while). Coming off my last post, I learned my lesson and took copious pictures and captured every meal I ate (right down to my lunch on the flight back – believe it or not I think airline food gets a bad rap). I’ve got a few plates (wait, I mean posts) in mind – I’m thinking a return to the Pizza Belt may also be in order.

Secondi piatti will be focused on Milan Expo 2015. Think a MUCH larger(yay!) Smorgasburg, but in Milan(yay!) with OVER 140 DIFFERENT COUNTRIES SHOWCASING THEIR CUISINE. Tiny food trucks have been replaced with elaborate booths highlighting the culture and cuisine of each country. It’s the World’s Fair mixed with Epcot and given a healthy dose of steroids. Belinda Carlisle was right, heaven is a place on earth – it’s the Milan Expo.

I know I’ll be full after all of that, but then there’s “full” and there’s full. No one is really full without a little dessert, so for dessert I’m going to walk through a new recipe I’ll be trying. I just got some new cast iron cookware I’ve been looking forward to breaking in. I’m thinking some sort of lamb stew, probably with a bit of Guinness for good measure (for the lamb and for me), but I won’t actually be making it until next weekend so no promises on what it turns out to be. If I’m still missing Italy a little too much I may have to break out my pasta machine and get some homemade pasta cooking instead.

Stay tuned!


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